Let’s Talk About Hope.

Join the host, Paul Johnson, as he interviews remarkable Americans, and delves into their optimistic point of view about the present and future of our country.

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The urgency of optimism.

Every day, there is tremendous progress being made in America — across technology, public policy, science and medicine, and much more — that will set current and future generations up for success. Our goal is to highlight these advancements, and tilt the scale of news and information from pessimism towards optimism.

We are The Optimistic American, and we are in the business of promoting what is going right in our country.

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The Power of the Individual

Published on: 09/19/2022

In an age when Americans seem to be divided, Paul Johnson and Dr. Basha, focus on the important idea that, “It’s we, not me.” Service and belonging are connected! They help answer the question, “with all the things I have going on, with everyone else seemingly looking out for themselves, […]

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Why Nations Fail – James Robinson

Published on: 09/16/2022

This episode explains why gut-wrenching poverty exists, which leaves 1.29 billion people in the developing world struggling to live on less than $1.25 a day. And in what could be a depressing subject, Professor James Robinson, gives a very hopeful, ambitious prognosis on how the US is leading the world […]

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When Meaning is More Important Than Happiness

Published on: 09/05/2022

Join Dr. Bashah and Paul in this series regarding the 7 steps to regain your agency. Addictive ideologies promoted by the nightly news, political parties, candidates and social media can rob you of your ability to see the world clearly, and benefit from its opportunities. This episode begins with Viktor […]

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Peter Zeihan

Published on: 09/03/2022

In this discussion with Paul Johnson and Peter Zeihan you will gain an understanding of the changing global order, and why you can be optimistic about the future of America. Many Americans have surrendered their agency to the negative nightly news, candidates, political parties and social media, who prosper from […]

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How to Overcome Adversity and Generate Abundance! – Joe Polish

Published on: 07/31/2022

In this special episode of the Optimistic American, Joe Polish shares insights and transformative lessons from his upcoming book ‘What’s in it for them.’ You will learn about his journey to massive success, and how he overcame overwhelming personal and professional challenges to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs, […]

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Learning to Talk with Those you Don’t Agree with Makes you Stronger! – Dr. Emily Bashah

Published on: 07/26/2022

Dr. Emily Bashah, a psychologist focused on trauma and related challenges, and Paul Johnson, host and founder of The Optimistic American podcast, discuss the “7 Codes” designed to help listeners/readers successfully navigate this divisive world. Their 7 Codes: – Make Space for Optimism – Begin Anew and Start with Love […]

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