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Join the host, Paul Johnson, as he interviews remarkable Americans, and delves into their optimistic point of view about the present and future of our country.

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The urgency of optimism.

Every day, there is tremendous progress being made in America — across technology, public policy, science and medicine, and much more — that will set current and future generations up for success. Our goal is to highlight these advancements, and tilt the scale of news and information from pessimism towards optimism.

We are The Optimistic American, and we are in the business of promoting what is going right in our country.

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Leading Economist Counters The Changing World Order Narrative – Larry Summers

Published on: 06/18/2022

Larry Summers, the 71st US Secretary of the Treasury (under President Clinton) and President Emeritus and professor of economics at Harvard University, sees more than most that America’s best days are ahead. Dr. Summers predicted America’s current tussle with inflation, the highest profile person to so. He observed excess liquidity, […]

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Business leadership lessons from a world-renowned American mountain climber.

Published on: 06/11/2022

Kevin Cherilla, co-founder and owner of K2 Adventure Travel, leads groups to summit mountains like Mt. Kilimanjaro.  His team guides groups of 30-40 individuals to surmount their fears and limitations and climb higher.  He and his colleagues teach their clients to put forth the efforts needed for success, be present […]

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The American Educational System Reinvented!

Published on: 06/04/2022

Dr. Michael Crow, 16th President of Arizona State University, discusses how he and his team transformed ASU into one of the world’s best public research universities over the past 20 years. 145,000 degree-seeking students attend online, in person, or via other methods. ASU’s new model is accessible, excellent and impactful […]

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Reinventing Health Care Services through Artificial Intelligence

Published on: 05/28/2022

James Bates, an electrical engineer by schooling and CEO of a self-driving technology company, applies the artificial intelligence (AI) lessons he learned to retail healthcare (e.g., grocery store or pharmacy clinics). AdviNOW resulted, implementing AI tools that reduce upfront administrative burdens patients face, focusing the time of medical experts/providers actual […]

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America’s Strengths are Unrivaled!

Published on: 05/21/2022

Professor Michael Beckley’s newest book details why common wisdom about America’s economic and military challenges – especially compared with China – fails when correctly analyzed. His data-driven book, “Unrivaled,” underscores why no rivals, today or tomorrow, truly challenge the United States, the #1 superpower. Professor Beckley, an associate professor of […]

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Political Rivals Build Friendships Setting Politics Aside.

Published on: 05/15/2022

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington and Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, once fierce political opponents, discuss robust learning from people whose opinions differ, and how to change your minds. Both believe that abundance, hope, and optimism must resonate with all Americans. America The Great!

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