About Us

Every day, Americans have their sense of agency and potential weakened — intentionally or not — by our darkening political narratives and pessimistic media.

Attacking the core of the American brand has become the standard. We are sacrificing the soul of our country for votes and viewership. There is no room to celebrate, only to criticize.

Our screens have become an inexhaustible stream of pessimism, beating us down daily into submission, partisanship, and savior worship.

— Who can dare anything worthy when convinced that the ground is constantly shaking and the sky is on the brink of collapse?

— Who can take pride in a country that’s constantly painted as awed and increasingly vulnerable?

— What could one aspire to affect in a world where the problems are so colossal that only the might of political parties can address them?

There isn’t a single media platform that you can resort to feel better about tomorrow. Optimistic news gets lost in the overwhelming stream of pessimistic ones. The narrative of accomplishments remains trapped in works that are indigestible by today’s media consumption standards. We’re on a mission to change that.

We are The Optimistic American.

We are here to remind others of the urgency of optimism. The past, present, and future of this country are full of promise. A promise sustained by the efforts of brave individuals and organizations who champion the pursuit of technology, improving the human condition, free markets, and a belief in who we are.

We are losing the fact that we are a nation of dreamers, a catapult for those who have the heart to dare, a place that rewards ingenuity and innovation. This country, more than any other, succeeded by making possible the release of the human spirit.

The proof of American potential is abundant.

We need to put in the work to bring the actual narrative of abundance forward. We need to make it consumable for everyday Americans. It is how our conversations will pivot towards the positive. Our mornings will begin with promise and faith rather than fear and despair.

If you’re willing to help others feel better about tomorrow, join us.