Season 1 | Episode 18

When Meaning is More Important Than Happiness – Dr. Emily Bashah

Published on: 09/05/2022

Join Dr. Bashah and Paul in this series regarding the 7 steps to regain your agency. Addictive ideologies promoted by the nightly news, political parties, candidates and social media can rob you of your ability to see the world clearly, and benefit from its opportunities. This episode begins with Viktor Frankl’s experience in Nazi Concentration Camps and the development of his Logotherapy that is very successful in helping people deal with fears and suicidal thoughts through meaning. We then transition to how we can unknowingly be in a victim mindset, how to break free, to motivate ourselves and find true happiness, that can only come from meaning. To support the podcast, please subscribe and forward this episode to others you think it may be helpful too.

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