Season 1 | Episode 19

This is an Extraordinary Time to be an American! – Peter Zeihan

Published on: 09/03/2022

In this discussion with Paul Johnson and Peter Zeihan you will gain an understanding of the changing global order, and why you can be optimistic about the future of America. Many Americans have surrendered their agency to the negative nightly news, candidates, political parties and social media, who prosper from “if it bleeds it leads.” This has created a view of the world and America's position that is distorted, and conceals America's true strength. Learning the truth about America’s position in the world will make you a lot more optimistic. Peter is a world renown Geopolitical analyst whose background in economics, energy, and demographics. His work indicates significant problems for Russia, China and other world powers, and major advantages for Americans as globalism is replaced by regionalism. Millennials and American workers will benefit from the re-industrialization of the United States and this will be one of the best decades for job and wage growth. Peter talks about America's leadership role in the world over the last 80 years, possible recession, inflation, the Ukrainian war, advice for policy makers, and advice for American workers on how to benefit from the new world order. Make sure to like this episode to see more content like this.

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