Season 1 | Episode 22

The Truth of Love and Loneliness – Dr. Emily Bashah

Published on: 10/08/2022

Join Dr. Bashah and Paul Johnson, in this 5th of 7 episodes regarding addictive ideologies and how love and loneliness affect your sense of agency. How finding optimism can help you see the world clearly, and give you the ability to benefit from its opportunities. This episode begins with a discussion of how even very successful people can find themselves alone and driven by the real need to be connected to others.   Paul and Dr. Bashah, discusses a current event regarding Elon Musk and his father, and how a lack of parental love and connection can play a role in what drives us and finding our sense of meaning. The episode helps the listener better understand love, and the genesis of the concept and word. A prior episode focused on meaning over happiness, outlined how love is one of the 3 areas where we find meaning. Love is so important to the concept of meaning, that this episode further expands our understanding of the differing types of love. Lessons on romance, family and friends, and even love for people you don’t know, helps provide the listener with insight and mindset necessary for love and meaning.

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