Season 1 | Episode 7

Reinventing Health Care Services through Artificial Intelligence

Published on: 05/28/2022

James Bates, an electrical engineer by schooling and CEO of a self-driving technology company, applies the artificial intelligence (AI) lessons he learned to retail healthcare (e.g., grocery store or pharmacy clinics). AdviNOW resulted, implementing AI tools that reduce upfront administrative burdens patients face, focusing the time of medical experts/providers actual care rather than paperwork. James discusses this journey, sharing the challenges in 2020 caused by Covid, where his thousands of contracted clinics stopped seeing patients. AdviNOW learned out how to survive and then thrive. AdviNOW believes its technology substantially increases the profitability of clinics, while creating additional time and availability of the key providers. And post-Covid (at least the Covid of 2020), AdviNOW’s results strengthened. James shares his opinions that AI adds value to human work, making both providers and their customers happier with better outcomes. James’ optimism and willingness to risk his reputation and wealth demonstrate much of what makes America the greatest place to live, work and thrive.

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