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Author Michael Beckley

America’s Strengths are Unrivaled!

Published on: 2022/05/21

Professor Michael Beckley’s newest book details why common wisdom about America’s economic and military challenges – especially compared with China – fails when correctly analyzed. His data-driven book, “Unrivaled,” underscores why no rivals, today or tomorrow, truly challenge the United States, the #1 superpower. Professor Beckley, an associate professor of political science at Tufts University, demonstrates how economic and military efficiencies prove his points, especially as compared with China. Business leadership in America drives efficiencies. Moreover, we continue with three major advantages: (1) geography, including arable land and navigable waters, (2) demographics, with the USA one of only three of the largest economies with a growing workforce, and (3) seemly strong institutions. He shares his worries about some challenges to our leads, especially due to high debt and possible political missteps, including local military disputes such as in Ukraine, but believes other countries’ challenges are deeper. This interview reflects the best themes of The Optimistic American, that our best days lie ahead.

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Political Rivals Build Friendships Setting Politics Aside.

Published on: 2022/05/15

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington and Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, once fierce political opponents, discuss robust learning from people whose opinions differ, and how to change your minds. Both believe that abundance, hope, and optimism must resonate with all Americans. America The Great!

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The Pursuit of the American Dream and Lessons on Leadership.

Published on: 2022/05/07

Rep. Marcelino Quiñonez shares the inspiring story of his American journey. He talks about his transition from being a Mexican immigrant to becoming a U.S. citizen, the importance of education and how it impacted his family, his sources of inspiration and his unwavering belief in the American dream. He also expands on his success as a playwright, the responsibilities of being a public servant, why it is essential to collaborate with both sides of the political aisles, and why listening is the most critical part of great leadership.

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Paul Johnson and Jerry Moyes in studio

From one truck to the biggest American fleet!

Published on: 2022/04/30

Successful American entrepreneur Jerry Moyes, past CEO and founder of Swift Transportation, paints the pathways for others to build successful American companies. He faced his darkest days but emerged to the joys of business creation. And all as the adopted Dad of 11 children! Don’t miss this one!

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Hope after his worst hours: Man’s inhumanity inspires optimism.

Published on: 2022/04/24

Psychiatrist and Bosnian concentration camp survivor, Dr. Esad Boskailo, sheds light on the unimaginable inhumanity of war, the urgency of hope and optimism during the darkest times, and his heartfelt journey to U.S. citizenship. He draws parallels to current divisions in America and what we now need to do to strengthen our country.

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Paul Johnson and Chuck Coughlin Interview

Republican expert empowers citizens who prefer neither political party.

Published on: 2022/04/16

Chuck Coughlin, an American pollster, lobbyist, and Republican operative discusses how voters with no political affiliation now rule American politics but are not yet organized. He argues all voters oppose overwhelmingly the current two-party political system. They resist the stranglehold that America's two-party system squeezes on American throats and demand change now.

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Why a Ukrainian left her country and what a future in America holds.

Published on: 2022/04/09

Nataliia Baker evolved from a poor family in Ukraine, under Russian control, to American Democracy. She recounts her journeys in the “Orange Movement,” where Russians murdered or poisoned Ukrainian elected leaders. Why she left her country 14 years ago and today with unbridled optimism as an American entrepreneur.

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