Season 1 | Episode 13

Defining the Free in Free Speech – Regina Revarova

Published on: 07/02/2022

Regina Revarova, a Russian émigré, journalist and podcast consultant, experienced first-hand the terror of Russian stormtroopers crashing down her doors, taking computers and planting drugs to intimidate her journalism family. Raised in a small mining town in Siberia, she learned journalism and experienced the horrors of Russian destruction of Chechyna, including the burning of innocents in a school. She immigrated to the United States and decided to learn American journalism and our devotion to free speech. While Russia has a constitution that includes free speech rights, the difference with America’s version is that Russia never internalized its constitution and few even know its rights. Moving to America was hard; learning English and our culture harder still. She believes that polarization in the US is here to stay and we should simply lean into the different views, respecting those differences and moving towards understanding. She uses her talents today to help individuals create an effective podcast based on (1) great ideas, (2) a keen focus on listeners, (3) just launching and fixing as you proceed. Find Revarova’s work at openconversation.com.

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