Season 1 | Episode 25

Idealists are the Changing the World – Dr. Emily Bashah

Published on: 10/08/2022

Join Dr. Bashah and Paul Johnson as they unearth the origins of idealism. The discussion begins with ancient philosophers describing the power of idealism. Idealism is a common trait of CEOs who create new and innovative products, our founders who used idealism to form a more perfect Union, and the secrets on how you can use idealism to create a better you. Imagine this: a life full of possibilities and optimism. One where you can find meaning, joy, love. A life where you find a better you, and create a better world in the process. This is not fantasy, this is a choice. This is the 7th podcast by Dr. Bashah and Paul Johnson regarding building a life of meaning and agency. The 7 dialogues are designed to help you structure a life of meaning, prosperity and opportunity.

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